The social arm of Quigley Farm is the Quigley Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that oversees partnerships and enterprise in the Quigley Farm neighborhood with the purpose of creating scalable community-wide systemic change through food, education, and wellness. At the heart of the Quigley Foundation is a common core, a series of high-impact, multi-use facilities that support and foster community building, and provide a center where people with expertise and interest can gather. Central to the strength of the Quigley Foundation and the Quigley Farm is partnership—building, creating, and fostering relationships that will intertwine throughout the neighborhoods, throughout the Core elements of the Quigley Foundation, and throughout the community in general.

The Core Elements

  • Food Preparation Facility
  • The Culinary Center
  • The Kitchen
  • The Table
  • The Market
  • Distillery / Microbrewery
  • Bakery / Coffee shop
  • Farmers’ Market

  • Maker’s Space
  • Design Studio
  • Tool Library

  • The Farm
  • The Greenhouses
  • The Gardens
  • Feed Store

  • Health / Yoga / Gym space
  • The Storefront
  • The Office

  • The Quigley Foundation is...

  • funded and supported by for sale real estate, deferred rates of return, transfer fees, commercial uses of Core elements, grants, and philanthropy.

  • part of the first phase in Quigley Farm, representing the project’s commitment to the social impacts of Quigley Farm.

  • a backbone organization whose specific charge is to coordinate, facilitate, and manage desired outcomes for the involved stakeholders and the overall community.

  • designed to require no costs from the collaborators beyond time and the initial investment in Quigley Farm.

  • a collective impact imitative and is designed to be an endowed program which provides for staff compensation, freeing staff to fundraise directly and entirely for programs and to facilitate fundraising for collaborating organizations.


    Quigley Canyon is iconic. Immediately adjacent to the City of Hailey, Quigley is less than one mile from the Sun Valley Airport, and 15 miles from Sun Valley Resort. Quigley Canyon encompasses over 1500 acres of mixed agricultural, sage, and forested land nestled into the rolling hills and smaller side canyons that comprise the foothills of the Pioneer Mountains. With 1880 water rights, a perennial stream flowing through the property, and nearly 300 acres of existing arable land, Quigley’s size, history, and proximity make it an ideal location for a model of transformative change.

    • Quigley Farm is committed to the nature of the place, seeking to preserve those elements that make this location iconic:

    • Working with the Wood River Land Trust, Quigley Farm put 1200 acres of the property into a conservation easement- designed to preserve the look and feel of the space in perpetuity

    • Large parcels of land are dedicated to agriculture and food production, preserving an element of the property’s cultivated feel

    • Restoration of the stream and ways to augment the canyon’s natural resources are parts of the master plan
    Quigley’s greatest assets revolve around its location and its natural resources. Foundational to the Quigley Farm project are working with and preserving this landscape as a powerful testament to the past, present, and future.


    “There is nothing so powerful as teamwork executed at a high level.”

    Central to Quigley Farm is partnership. Building, creating, and fostering relationships around the key elements of food, education, recreation, and wellness are essential to realizing the potential of the space. The strength of the project is intertwining these relationships throughout the neighborhood, throughout the core elements of the Quigley Foundation, and throughout the community in general.

    Partnerships emerge at many levels, from connections with like-minded nonprofits, to commercial interests, to working with individuals. The key is to find people and organizations committed to working together to maintain and manifest the potential of building a strong community.


    Quigley Farm is intended to be a model- for community, for evolving our relationship with place, and for actively building a transformative space. Central to this is education- being a source of information, opening the space to people interested in learning, and experimenting with what can be.

    A key element of education is exploration. Building something new requires openness and willingness. It requires ingenuity, curiosity, and humility. Exploration is creative and entrepreneurial. At its best, it embodies a spirit of experimentation and playfulness, and understands that setbacks and failures are the foundation for innovation and discovery.

    Three current partners represent different elements of the project:

    Education: The Sage School.

    The Sage School is a grades 6-12 independent school dedicated to adolescence, human ecology, community responsibility, and developing a sense of place. Quigley will be the location of their future campus.

    For more info:

    Recreation: Blaine County Recreation Department.

    As part of the recent annexation of portions of Quigley Canyon into the City of Hailey, the Quigley Farm team and owners of Quigley Canyon have committed large parcels for public recreation and created a conservation easement extending out the canyon for close to four miles.

    For more info:

    Food and Community: The Hunger Coalition.

    The Hunger Coalition operates a one-acre community farm on the south end of the canyon where everyone can connect over the shared joy of growing good food. With the objective of enhancing the knowledge, skills, and nourishment of its participants, the Bloom Community Farm strives to engage a thoughtful community from diverse social and economic backgrounds.

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