The Mountain Express reports on Quigley Farm’s latest plan.


Quigley Farm Site Plan

After a few community forums Quigley Farm has come up with a proposed plan that includes ideas from the community.

Excerpt from Mountain Express Below:
The most recent version of a proposed development in Quigley Canyon, east of Hailey, was displayed to the public during a meeting at the Community Campus on Thursday, June 25. Called Quigley Farms, development would be a mix of homes, commercial greenhouses, agricultural fields, some retail space and a location for The Sage School. Since public comments were taken on the previous version of the plan in mid-May, the proposed location of the school has been moved to the southern edge of the property and a proposed small hotel and a small amphitheater have been added on the northern side. Development firm partner and Sage School Head of School Harry Weekes said the area would be developed in phases, beginning with some homes and retail space, parks and the school. “It’s designed to have as low an impact as a development can,” he said. The plan has not yet been formally reviewed by Blaine County.

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