Sage School – Summer 2024 Updates


The Sage School moved into the new Quigley Campus in the fall of 2022. The new campus, adjacent to a 1,200-conservation easement and situated in the beautiful natural environment of Quigley Canyon, is the perfect home for The Sage School.  It is the grounding point for an entirely new form of education. From here, students have abundant access to wilderness and to an intentional community promoting collaboration and connectivity.

Each student spends the equivalent of an entire school year in the fieldover the course of their time at The Sage School. Those field studies start by experiencing and understanding the natural world just outside their door. We’ve watched as students explored the new environment with curiosity and wonder. They’ve taken valuable lessons from observing the subtle changes to the campus during the school year. We are thrilled to see the campus itself take an instrumental role in the educational journey of our students.

The Sage School created the Quigley Campus as a home for our students and the larger community. Our Barn Classroom, commercial kitchen and public spaces are available for community functions.

The Sage School is thrilled to be holding classes at the Quigley Campus, and we’re in the final stages of funding the campus. The Sage School, a 501c-3 nonprofit, needs to raise $1.6 million to pay off construction loans and set ourselves up for long-term success. Donations to the Quigley Campus and The Sage School can be made at

Quotes about The Sage School’s Quigley Campus:

“Being able to learn in an environment that is specifically designed for the Sage School will vastly increase the meaning and purpose of everything that is taught and learned there.” 

~ Sage School Alumni

“The beauty of the natural world is such a part of living in this valley. It is inspiring to sit in those spaces, with the views all around. It is the opposite of a school as an institution in which little thought is given to natural daylight and spaces that inspired. What a gift to our students and faculty.”

– Sage School Parent